To reserve a Domain name you purchased through there are three steps to follow: Order, Register and Activate, see how below.

- Order
- Registrer
- Activate


Go to our Aruba Hosting site, enter the Domain Name of your choice in - Register a Domain -  and select your preferred domain extension. If the Domain name is occupied (not available), or rather already registered by another person and/or company, you will need to select another Domain name or change the extension, in order to proceed with the order.

If the Domain Name is available proceed with the order by selecting:

 - The main service you wish to associate with the Domain Name
 - Any additional service you wish to add
 - Accept the – General conditions of contract – for the supply of the Hosting service (available under – Terms and Conditions -).
 - In case of .it Domains, see the part under – Acceptance of Clauses for .it domain Registrations -.
- Proceed to create your account if you are a new customer, (- Form for New user) – or enter your  Login details, Login and Password, in the – Aruba user – box (and the Type of user)
 - Enter the Holder details (Registrant) of the Domain. These can be the details you provided when creating your account, with the possibility of a few changes, or you can register the Domain on behalf of another customer. 
 - Fill in the Billing details. These will be used to issue invoices and for other accounting purposes,  therefore we recommend making sure they are accurate.
 - Select the method of payment

After completing the order process, you will receive an email – Confirming the Order – at the  email addresses provided in the order form indicating the payment details. If you provided the same email address, you will receive a single email.


Your Domain registration request will be submitted by Aruba to the competent Authority, once your payment has been processed. The order processing time varies, in general, from 24 to 36 hours.
The time required to process the payment depends on the method of payment, therefore we recommend reading our guide titled – Method of payment and time required to process your payment -.

Once the payment has been processed you will receive an email – Confirming the payment - , (sent to the email address indicated in your Billing Details). If you don’t remember which email address you provided, or you wish to change it, please send our support staff a
Change Contact Email Address Form form (see available Form Sample) either by:
        - support ticket, through which you can send a scanned copy of the form. 
        - Fax on the number +39 0575/862110.
It is possible to personally change the contact email address of your Billing Details only during the Domain Renewal process.


The Domain Registration with the competent Authority will be confirmed by email at the provided contact email address. The email will include information on the expected Domain activation time, in general 24/48 hours after receiving said email, information on the main services and any additional service you may have purchased, and your login details to access the service Control Panel.

.com, .org, .info, .biz, .net,, domains or new gTLDs (New extensions group A/B/C/D/E/F)
In case of Domains with the above extensions, following the Activation, you will need to confirm your contact details, by replying to the email – Confirming your Contact Details -, sent to the contact email address of the Domain Holder within 15 days. Failing this, the Domain will be  suspended and no longer available.
(for more details, see the article – How to confirm the details of the Registrant (owner) of a  Domain -) 

What to do in case of domain names
If you are purchasing a domain name, Aruba will activate the services, including any additional service, whereas the Registration of the Domain Name needs to be requested through the AgID –
Agenzia per l'Italia digitale -. Further details are available in the provided registration  section.
(See details in the provided