In order to transfer a domain name you need to:

• go to the website;
• select the 
TRANSFER option in the menu on the left;
• enter the name of the domain that you wish to transfer with the
relevant extension;
• select the main service that you wish to purchase for the domain (you can see the  details of the offers both on the home page of the website  and in the Aruba Guides and Useful Information);
• select an 
additional service for your domain (for example Antivirus&Antispam, GigaMail, Unlimited E-Mails etc);
• enter your login and password (if you are a customer of Aruba, otherwise register), details of the domain owner* and the billing details;
• select the
method of payment
- Once you have completed the transfer order you will receive an email, at your contact email address, confirming the order and indicating the 
payment details.

ATTENTION: Once you have transferred the domain name, the details you provided when placing the order can only be changed by following the
relevant instructions.

 * NB: When making the transfer order you must use the details of the current domain owner  (registered with the competent Authority) unless you wish to make a transfer also with Change of Registrant. In this case, you need to follow the instructions: Transfer with Change of  Registrant found in each category of the transfer section.