Consent to the publication of personal details in the Whois for domains

For .it domains it is possible to hide the details of the domain name holder in the Whois.

If you wish to hide data, or make them public, you must send the following documentation by fax to the number +39 0575/862000 or via Ticket from the Aruba Support website:

ATTENTION!!! We remind you that, if you request to hide the data, the following information will still be displayed in the whois:

  • For domain names assigned to a Natural Person – the name and surname of the owner;
  • For domain names assigned to a Legal Entity (company/body/association) – the company name /business name, and the name and surname of the Legal Representative. 

IMPORTANT: The Whois Privacy additional service, which allows users to hide the personal details of the domain owner on public Whois, is available for domains other than .it, .eu, .fm, .es, .us,,, and all geographical domains.