To delete a domain name with .eu extension you will need to send a signed request to Aruba together with copy of ID of the domain owner or the Legal Representative in case of domain names owned by Company/ Body / Association.

In the latter case you must also attach the  Self - Certification and the cancellation request must be written on letter headed paper.   


The information can be sent by: 

  • Registered letter with proof of delivery, to the address specified at (to be sent in advance by fax)
  • Fax to the number +39 0575/862000
  • Certified Email (if you have a PEC email account) at, attaching the documents required for the cancellation.

ATTENTION: in the request you need to specify if the cancellation should have immediate effect, or if you wish to wait for the expiry date of the domain and then carry out the  cancellation.

N.B.: if you request immediate cancellation, you will not be refunded for any unused service  period.

The details which need to be included in the request are the following: 

For domain names owned by a natural persons or self-employed person

Name and Surname:
Place and Date of birth:
Post code:
National identification number (or VAT Number in case of self-employed person):


For domain names owned by company/association/body

Name of Company/ Association/Body:
VAT Number:
Name and Surname of the Legal Representative:

The cancellation request sent to Aruba will be forwarded to Eurid, (Authority in charge of .eu domain registrations) who will cancel the domain and place it in Quarantine.


The domain names in quarantine, will only be released 40 days after the cancellation has been accepted.


For further details, see the website of Eurid.

N.B. Once placed in quarantine, the domain and its services will be disconnected. There will be NO
refund of service activation costs.