.it domain names can be registered by legal adults, citizens or residents of the European Economic Area EEA (which includes 27 member states of the European Union together with Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), the Vatican City, the Republic of San Marino and the Swiss Confederation. 
The Order, Registration and Activation process of Domain Names is available in our guide

This article explains what to do in case of:

- Domain already reserved through the Registro.it
- Registration failed, Domain Name is put in the inactive/dnsHold status

Domain already reserved through the Registro.it

The Domain you ordered may already have been taken and reserved by someone else through the Registro.it. In this case you will not be able to proceed with the Registration and Activation of the Domain Name, until the Registro.it gives its response: if the domain is assigned to the other person, you can apply for the same Domain Name using another extension, or choose a different name.
In any case, you will need to place a new order for the new Domain Name (without making the  payment) and transfer your credit.

Registration failed, Domain Name is put in the inactive/dnsHold status

It is possible to check the status of .it Domain Registrations at any time from the site Nic.it by entering the full Domain Name, without the www (e.g. aruba.it), and the security code.
If the – Status – shows as inactive/dnsHold, this means the Domain registration was successful, but the domain is not yet active, due to malfunctions found in the Dns (Domain Name System) by the Registro.it. This status is given by default to all the Domain Names upon registration. If the DNS check is positive, the status will switch took – and the Domain will be activated. If the check is negative you will need to adjust the Dns. In this specific case, Aruba shall contact the customers in question and provide them with all the information required to adjust the Dns correctly.
When a domain is found in the Inactive/dnsHold status, you can in any case transfer it to another Registrar and Change the Registrant.

For any further information please contact our support team.