How to transfer a domain name from to another Provider

It is possible to transfer a domain name that is registered with to another Maintainer/Registrar: nothing is owed to if you decide to transfer the domain name to another provider.

ATTENTION: if the transfer is made before the domain expires you must remember that:

  • Aruba will not refund any unused service period;
  • Upon the conclusion of the transfer every service found on Servers of Aruba will be disconnected and the content deleted: it will not be possible to recuperate the content (for this reason we recommend that you make a backup copy of the material before you request the transfer);
  • You will not have access to the Control Panel of the domain;
  • The domain email accounts will be cancelled and it will not be possible to reconfigure them until the new provider  reactivates the service, therefore for a certain period of time it may not be possible to receive emails.

To proceed with the transfer:

 For .it domain names registered with Aruba-REG you must request the Authorization Code code from Aruba in order to start the transfer process. The code is sent upon activation by email and can also be requested later at any time, from the Control Panel of the domain. It will be sent to the contact email address of the domain owner.

• For domains with extensions other than .it, you must unlock the domain name from the Control Panel, indicating the name of the domain with its login and password and use the "Tool to lock or unlock the transfer of the domain name". Alternatively, to unlock the domain, you can open a Ticket from the Aruba Support website, by using the login and password of the domain. The requested details will only be sent to the contact email address of the domain owner.

• For .es domains, the new Registry will send an email to the contact email address found in the public Whois, through which the owner of the domain can accept or reject the transfer to the new Provider. If the transfer is not accepted, after 10 days, the request will be cancelled and the domain will be put back to the status in which it was before the transfer request was made.

If the contact email address of the owner is not correct, you can request to Change it.