In order to change the provider of a domain with an extension other than .it and .eu from another provider to Aruba, you must place a transfer order at

Once the payment has been received will forward the transfer request to OpenSrs, who will then send an email requesting confirmation of the change of provider to the email address of the Administrative Contact.

The Administrative Contact must reply to the email within 5-7 days, otherwise the transfer will be rejected and the request will have to be sent again.

If the Administrative Contact authorises the request, and the domain is registered with a different Registrar, OpenSrS will send a further request via email to the current Registrar, who can then reply directly to the request or forward it to the email address of the Administrative Contact.

We also remind you that for .org .biz .info .us .cc .com .net domains you will need to enter also the Authorization Code relevant to the domain. You can get this code directly from your current provider.

Transfer and activation of domains other than .it and .eu


After receiving the activation email, you will receive another email to validate and confirm the domain contact details. To confirm the details simply click on the link found in the email and follow the online process.

It is important that you confirm the details as quickly as possible.

If the details are not confirmed within 15 days of the activation, the domain will be suspended and will therefore be neither visible nor editable. 

More information is available in the article “How to confirm the details of the Registrant (owner) of a Domain


Domains registered with Aruba

For domains registered with Aruba you can request to unlock the domain yourself and receive the Authorization Code at the contact email address of the domain owner by logging in using your login and password at or by opening a ticket from the online support website, from the ‘Domains Transfer and Registration’ department.

As an alternative you can request to unlock the domain by sending the following documents by fax to +39 0575/862000, or by Ticket opened from the Aruba Support website:
• Unlock Domain and Request Authorization Code form, duly filled in** and signed
• Front/back copy of ID of the domain owner

N.B. Please remember to indicate the email address, where you wish to receive the Authorization Code, on the form. 
Aruba reserves the right to request further documents in order to verify the identity of the persons involved.

**To complete the form correctly please see the Facsimile with relevant Instructions.