Necessary requirements for the successful transfer of domains with extensions other than .it, .eu and .es

To complete the transfer of a domain name with an extension other than .it, .eu and .es successfully you need to make sure that:

  • The email address of the Administrative Contact found in the public Whois is valid and active. If not, you will need to  contact the current provider in order to change it. This email address will receive an email from Open SRS - Tucows requesting confirmation of the domain transfer;
  • The domain name was registered or renewed at least 60 days ago and that during this time the details of the domain holder were not changed;
  • The domain is not expired or is reaching its expiration date;
  • The domain is not in REGISTRAR LOCK status (locked domain): if it is you must contact your current provider and have it unlocked;
  • The customer requests the Authorization Code from the current Provider which must be then specified in the email sent by Open SRS-Tucows following the request of transfer;
  • The customer replies correctly to the email sent by Open SRS- Tucows within 5-7 days.

N.B. To receive confirmation of the successful transfer, you may have to wait a few days after replying to the email sent by Open SRS- Tucows. During this time the domain and the related services may not be active.