To change the Admin-c there is no additional cost.
In order to change the Admin-c of a domain name you must send the following 
documentation to Aruba, by fax on the number +39 0575/862000 or by opening a Ticket from the Aruba Support website:

We also remind you that, if you have activated the Certified Email service:

- The new owner must send Aruba, together with the rest of the information, the application form for the Certified Email service (available above) duly filled in and signed.

Aruba S.p.A reserves the right to request further documents (Company registration certificate, company statute, notary deed, etc...) in order to verify the identity of the persons involved.

Please enter the new email address in the form in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS. If the details entered are not clear / correct, the request may be rejected.




After changing the details, you will need to validate and confirm the contact details of the domain (only if different from .it and .eu).

More information is available in the article “How to confirm the details of the Registrant (owner) of a Domain

*You can send the documentation simply by clicking on ‘Tickets’.


**So that the documents are accepted, they must be duly filled in and signed by the New Owner.