To change the VAT Number of the domain ownership details, you need to follow the same process used for the Change of Registrant.

You will therefore need to send specific documents which vary depending on the domain name extension.

Here below are the instructions for the 
various types of extensions:


-  Change of VAT Number for .it Domain names 
-  Change of VAT Number for .eu Domain names  
-  Change of VAT Number for .es Domain names   
-  Change of VAT Number for .uk Domain names   
Change of VAT Number for Domain names with other extensions

N.B. If you are changing the details due to small mistakes made when placing the registration order (for example, an incorrect number or missing number), simply follow the instructions on how to correct ownership details found in the relevant guide (this process is only valid for the correction of small mistakes made during registration. It CANNOT be used in case of change of company details, for which you need to refer to the relevant guides).


After changing the details, you will need to validate and confirm the contact details of the domain (only if different from .it and .eu).

More information is available in the article “How to confirm the details of the Registrant (owner) of a Domain