To change the registrant or ownership of a .eu domain name, you need to send the following documentation to Aruba, by fax to the number +39 0575/862100 or by opening a Ticket from the Aruba Support section:
  • Copy of valid ID of the new owner 
  • Copy of valid ID of the old owner 
  • Receipt of the new payment for the Change of Registrant*, made by bank transfer, equal to the cost of the domain name + main service (or rather domain + Hosting, Redirect or DNS Management, not including any associated additional service); making sure to indicate, in the reason of payment, the name of the domain for which the change is requested

  • Change Registrant form duly filled in** and signed complete of Authorization Code (which you can find in the domain Control Panel)
  • In the case of Companies/Bodies/Associations: company registration certificate, company statute, notary deed, or other document of the old owner, which proves that they are the legal owner. Documents older than 3 months, from the date the request was sent, will not be accepted.  
  • Application form for Certified Email service (only if such service is active)

N.B. If, when changing the Registrant, you do NOT wish to "Change Billing Details" or "Change Login", the new owner must specify this in the request by checking the relevant boxes.

*We remind you that for the Change of Registrant you need to make a new payment. The  cost of such payment depends both on the type of service that is associated to the domain (e.g.: windows hosting, linux hosting, DNS Management, redirect etc), and on the extension of such domain (.it; .com; .fm etc..); therefore we recommend that you look at the price list found at:

IMPORTANT: If the Change of Registrant request is made together with the renewal, you only need to pay the cost of the renewal provided that the change of registrant is completed successfully before the expiration date of the domain: therefore, we recommend that you initiate the process in advance (at least 15 days before the expiration date), in order to avoid paying twice.  
N.B.: On the date the Change Registrant process is completed, the expiry date of the .eu domain name will be brought forward by one year. The new expiry date will be displayed in the Whois.

We also remind you that, if you have activated the Certified Email service:
The previous owner is under the obligation to cancel the Certified Email accounts, and related content, before submitting a change request. Said operation remains the  exclusive responsibility of such individual and, if not carried out, Aruba shall consider it as a wish to transfer said content to the new owner.
• The new owner must send Aruba, together with the rest of the documentation, the application Form for the Certified Email service (available above) duly filled in and signed, and the Contract take-over for the certified domain.
• If the new owner does not wish to keep the Pec service, he/she must send the provided cancellation form.
To change the ownership of a MySql or MS Sql database you must follow the instructions in the article: Change ownership of MySql and MS Sql database.

Once all the documentation has been received Aruba will send the request to Eurid, (this process is called TRADE).
The new process above, in effect from the 21st November 2012, no longer involves sending the confirmation previously requested to validate the transfer/change of registrant.
In any case, Eurid may perform some random checks* and feedback may be required from both the new registrant and the old registrant of the domain.
In this case you will have 5 days to confirm the change, before the request is cancelled.

Aruba reserves the right to request further documents  (Company registration certificate, company statute, notary deed, etc...) in order to verify the identity of the persons involved.
IMPORTANT: Please enter the new email address in the form in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS. If the details entered are not clear / correct, the request may be rejected.

**So that the documents are accepted, they must be duly filled in and signed by the parties.