Around 3 months before the date of expiration, Aruba will begin sending reminders to the contact email address of the domain login and billing details, indicating both the date of expiration and the instructions for the renewal*.


A week before the date of expiration, if the domain has not been renewed, the reminders will also be sent to all the email addresses of the domain (accountname@domainname.xx accounts).

You can make the renewal and the payment
upon receiving the first reminder from the website

As set out in the contract, the payment for the renewal must be received by
at least 15 days before the date of expiration.

However, we remind you that by paying in advance the next expiration date will not be altered in any way.

If, at midnight of the expiration date, the renewal order of the domain name is still pending payment, all the services will be suspended.

If you do not wish to renew the domain name, to cancel it, you must follow the provided instructions.


If the domain name is not renewed by the expiration date,
it will go in Pendingdelete/Redemptionperiod.

To activate it again, you must follow the instructions on How to recover a .it domain name from  Pendingdelete/Redemptionperiod.



* For domains other than .it and .eu domains, besides the standard reminders, we will be sending specific reminders also 30, 5 days before and 3 days after the expiry date