What does Redemption-No-provider & PendingDelete/RedemptionPeriod mean

When a .it domain name maintained by Aruba Registrar (REG) is not renewed by the expiration date, the  Maintainer will cancel it through the Registry, who will place the domain name in PendingDelete/RedemptionPeriod.

The domain name will be kept in this status for around 30 days and, in the case of:


- Domain names originally registered through Aruba: it can be activated again by the owner by following the renewal process.

ATTENTION! If you have any problems during the renewal process, you can contact the Customer Service Team of Aruba on +39 0575/0505, or open a ticket from the online Support section.

Once the 30 days of PendingDelete/RedemptionPeriod have passed, the domain name, if not recovered, will be placed in  PendingDelete/PendingDelete status by the Registry.
The domain name will be kept in this status for a maximum of 5 days, during which the Registry will cancel the registration of the domain.

During the PENDING DELETE status the domain name cannot be recovered: it will be available again for a new registration within 5 days from the update date