Redemption Period or Pending delete restorable for domain names that are not .it or .eu

Domains with extensions other than .it and .eu, and any additional associated service, if not renewed by the expiry date, will be suspended.  

If you wish to renew the domain and recuperate the contents of your website, you need to request the renewal and make the relevant payment, within 30/40 days of the expiry date.


If, after 30/40 days following the expiry date, you have not placed the renewal order nor made the relevant payment, the American Authority will place the domain in the status of  Redemption Period (or Pending Delete Restorable: the name changes based on the extension of the domain name) for around 30 days, during which it is not possible to carry out  operations on the domain (like transfers and renewals).

During this period you can attempt to recover your domain name by paying an additional cost, requested by the competent Authority, of 100 Euro, on top of the cost of the associated service (e.g. 25,00 Euro for Windows Hosting + 100,00 € for the recovery attempt = 125,00).

The payment can be made via bank transfer and the recovery process will only begin once the payment has been received.

ATTENTION!!! You must bear in mind that, even in this case, the recovery of the domain name is not guaranteed: if the Authority does not authorize the recovery, the amount paid will be kept as a Credit which you can use to purchase, renew or change any other service of Aruba.

Following the Redemption Period (or Pending Delete Restorable), the domain will be placed in the status of Pending Delete after which the contents will be permanently cancelled and the domain name will be available for new registrations.