How to renew the service if you do not know the login and password

To renew the service you need both login and password to access the customer area.

If you do not have such details you can get them by clicking on the link - Lost your login details? - on the - Reset password panel -.

The window below will appear and you must enter at least one the following information: National ID Number, VAT Number, email or the name of the domain whose login and password you are requesting. Click continue.

An email with the login will be sent to your contact email address. If the link is not received it is possible that the email address is not correct.

To verify and update the details, the account holder must send the Change Contact Email Address Form

- by opening a ticket


- by contacting the phone number +39 0575/0505.

Once the login details are recovered you can Reset your Password by following our guide  - How to update and recover your login details -