Domain registration and DNS management with mail

The offer provides:
- The domain registration with the competent Authority*
Control panel for the dns management
- 5 100Mb pop3 email accounts  
- 5 Alias emails
- 5 Mailing lists
- 5 Autoresponders
- 5 Forwards
- Catch-all account (default)
- Possibility of reading the accounts through

The "Domain Registration and DNS Management with Mail" service allows you to register a domain and use it with your own DNS servers (which can be specified and changed from the control panel of the domain). Alternatively, if you don’t have two Ns servers of your own, you can use the Ns through a control panel which allows you to create hosts and set the corresponding ip addresses.

Such a service is not provided with Web space and the entered IP addresses cannot refer to our machines (apart from with dedicated servers): therefore such a service cannot be used to redirect the domain to another with hosting on our servers.
With this package the Aruba mail servers are configured, even though you can at any time indicate the IP address of your own mail server in the control panel. We remind you that if the authoritative NS are modified it will not be possible to use Aruba mail servers.
The service includes 5 email accounts.
If you need more accounts you can order the unlimited email
 additional service.
In order to protect the accounts from virus and spam we advise you to purchase the Antivirus & Antispam

For more information see the user guide at

*N.B.: The registration of domain names must be made through the AgID "Agency for Digital Italy" (Italian public body) by sending the required information. 

Aruba will only activate the chosen services.




ATTENTION: the services purchased for domain names, even if correctly activated, may not be used and/or displayed until such domain names have been registered.