The Linux Hosting service of Aruba allows you to register, with a competent Authority, a domain name with one of the available  extensions and have unlimited disk space to upload your  pages and files.

Based on the Linux platform the service includes native support for Perl and PHP languages (For more information on the  supported languages see the provided guide).
The Linux Hosting package includes:

- Unlimited web space on hard disk
- Best-effort bandwidth in Server Farm of 47.000Mbit/s ( e
- 5 pop3 email accounts each one of 100Mb 
-  5 Alias e-mail addresses
-  5 Mailing lists
-  5 Auto-responders
-  5 Forwards
-  Catch-all account (default)
-  Email control panel
- Access to email accounts through Webmail
- Guides, examples and scripts ready to use at

Furthermore, it includes a Control Panel  with which you can manage your domain name and any associated service.

By using the Control Panel you can access various Tools and applications: in particular, the  Linux Hosting package includes the following:
Permission Manager* to manage your web space and set reading, writing and executing permissions  of  files and folders;
- Scheduled Task to schedule the execution and launch of the applications found in the web space of the domain name;
- SiteBuilder Lite Pack: to build and publish your website in a few clicks
- Tool to check the FTP service
- Tool to check the  Page Rank of your website
- Tool to create a SiteMap for your website
- Tool to submit your website to Google and Acoona 
- Mail Admin Control Panel: for managing your domain email accounts;
- Control Panel for Antispam Filter;
- Tool to check the expiration date of the domain name
- Tool to lock or unlock the transfer of the domain name (for those with extension other than   .it and .eu)

 * With the Control Panel you can also manage or purchase additional services for your domain name.

*N.B.: The registration of domain names must be made through the 
AgID "Agency for Digital Italy" (Italian public body) by sending the required information. 

Aruba will only activate the chosen services.


ATTENTION: the services purchased for domain names, even if correctly activated, may not be used and/or displayed until such domain names have been registered.