What you can do with the DNS management and DNS management and mail services

DNS management with E-mail” and "DNS management without E-mail" are services without web space, therefore there are not applications for uploading or modifying your own site inside the management panel.

Through the DNS Management service (with or without e-mail) you have got 2 possibilities:



In case you choose to use Aruba DNS (DNS.technorail.com  -  DNS2.technorail.com
Through the 
Control Panel you can associate to each host the IP address relating to the machine which will manage it (A-Name) or the name of another domain host, which (C-Name) is the  "alias" of:
  • Only IP of machines can be entered, not web pages addresses
  • It will not be possible for you to point a domain with "DNS Management" to another domain with space on our shared hosting machines (the machines must be external to  Aruba, unless you have got a dedicated or VPS server with us).
  • You can create additional hosts such as hostname.domainname.xxx.
While, if you want to USE OTHER Name Servers it will be possible for you to replace Aruba NS with other NameServers clicking on the suitable Application "Name Server Management" inside the control panel.

In case other NS are assigned to the domain, also in case of purchase of DNS management and E-mail service
, the e-mail management will be charged to the customer’s machines.

While, if the entered NS are Aruba ones, the customer can decide if managing the e-mail on  Aruba servers or on his own servers.
It being understood that, e-mail service is charged to the customer in case of purchase of DNS management without E-mail Service

The requests of DNS “Management” and “Change” must be entered directly on-line by the customer through the control panel, while the modifications will be later set by Aruba within the following 24/48 hours (working days); therefore it is not possible for a user to access directly the Authority pages to change himself the DNS.

We remind you that, your own machines setting, the external DNS registration and possible correlated problems lie outside Aruba province, which has got the only duty to communicate the DNS selected and entered in the control panel to the Authority.

You can consult our guide for the use of control panel.
For possible technical problems about DNS management panel or concerning the Name Servers setting you can open a Ticket to Aruba Support with DNS MANAGEMENT category.