The offer provides:

- Domain registration with the competent Authority*

- Control panel to manage the redirect service

The Domain+Redirect service allows you to register a domain name and to redirect this towards an existing website or page available via URL, registered with Aruba or another provider, and display, upon opening the website with Redirect service, the existing contents.

The destination URL may also include an ip address (e.g.:, provided that this, if typed in the  browser, displays the page.

The Redirect service does not support path forwarding: or rather it is possible to redirect only the path:
www.domain_with_redirect.ext and not for example the path: www.domain_with_redirect.ext/folder

The Redirect service also allows you to choose whether to display the real address of the destination website or the URL of the domain with Redirect service in the browser address bar (hiding the URL).

By activating this (free) function you can choose to always display the address of the registered domain, even if the contents are found on other pages or websites. 

IMPORTANT: whether you can hide the URL or not depends on how the code of the website pages has been programmed.

Currently the URL is hidden via Frame therefore this could block the loading of the destination website.

Once the domain name has been activated it takes 24/48 hours for all the DNS to be updated. This means that the first URL setting may not be displayed during this time. Changes can be made to the Redirect service at any time and for free from the provided control panel and will be carried out in real time.

You can make the changes from the control panel found at

ATTENTION!!! The Redirect  service does NOT include:
- web space
- DNS management
- email service (like the accounts)

- support of path forwarding: or rather it is only possible to redirect the folder  www.domain_with _redirect.ext to any existing page or website available via URL, but not however redirect the path: www.domain_with _redirect.ext/folder.

*N.B.: The registration of domain names must be made through the AgID "Agency for Digital Italy" (Italian public body) by sending the required documentation. 

Aruba will only activate the chosen services.

ATTENTION: the services purchased for domain names, even if correctly activated, may not be used and/or displayed until such domain names have been registered.