What is the SSL protocol and what is it used for?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol used to establish secure communications between a Server and a Client.
This system guarantees not only the protection of transmitted data such as credit card numbers, online forms and financial data etc.. but it also protects against the decoding and forgery of ALL confidential, reserved or sensitive information.

The SSL Certificates consist of a public key and a private key.
The first is used to encrypt information while the second is used to decode them.
When the client connects to the server (handshaking phase) a 'session key' is generated, which changes according to the features of the client and the server, and will be used to decode the data transferred between client and server during a specific session.
This is a safe connection as the data transferred during the connection is encrypted and can only be decoded during connection: it CANNOT be intercepted or interpreted by others who are not involved in the connection.

With Aruba it is possible to use the SSL protocol to
 configure the email accounts.
If you need to use SSL certificates within the web pages of a domain, we recommend that you activate a virtual or dedicated server, as this type of installation is not possible with the hosting service.