What you can do by using the domain Control Panel

To access your Control Panel you need to log in using the login details of your domain from this link http://admin.domainname.xxx or from http://admin.aruba.it.
Once you have accessed, you will see that the Control Panel is divided in different sections making it easier to identify the options.
The sections are the following:

Control Panel (1st Section)
Domain Management (2nd Section)
Sitebuilder Area
(3rd Section)

Search Engines (4th Section)
Mail Service Management (5th Section)
Additional Service
(6th Section)

1st Section Control Panel (section available for all the services):






On the left hand side of the Control Panel section, you will find details of the Domain such as: expiration date, login, type of service etc, while, under the Support & Utility section, there are several useful links like: Renewal instructions, information on change of ownership, a link to download the invoices, a link to open support tickets etc.

2nd section - Domain Management: (section available for all the domains, there are different Tools depending on which service you have purchased).

In the Domain Management section are the applications to manage the main service you have purchased, therefore, depending on which service you have chosen you will find the relevant control panel: Windows Area, Linux Area, Windows & Linux Area, Redirect Management with email Area, Redirect Management without email Area, DNS and Name Server Management with email Area, DNS and Name Server Management without email Area, ArubaNuke Domain Area.

For example, if you purchase domain + windows hosting you will find the "Windows Area"; if you purchase domain + Windows and Linux Hosting, you will find both areas “Windows Area” and “Linux Area”.

N.B. If your domain has a different extension to .it and .eu, you will find the ‘Tool to block or unblock the transfer of your domain and request the Authorization Code’ option with which you can request to unblock your domain and receive the Authorization-Code.

(Attention!! By unblocking the domain it will no longer be protected against transfers to other Providers.)


3rd section – SiteBuilder Area: (section available for all domains with Hosting service)

Allows you to use the free Lite Pack version, available for all domains with Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting or Windows and Linux Hosting, simply by clicking the image on the left; see the Comparison Table and purchase the Ultra and E-Commerce Pack versions.


4th section – Search Engines: (section available for all the services).






In the Search Engine section, thanks to the Site Ranking and Keyposition services you can make your Website more visible on well-known Search Engines.

The Site Ranking application is a tool which allows you to view the
 Page Ranking of your Website. By clicking the relevant icon a Dialogue Box opens with all the information required to evaluate the Ranking of your website and to index it in Search Engines like Google and Acoona.

Whereas the Keyposition service, is a professional service you can use to place your website on the main search engines. By clicking the Keyposition icon, you will reach the website dedicated to this service where you can find more information and subscribe to it.


5th section - Mail Service Management (section only available if you have purchased a package including mail service).



The Mail Service Management section is completely dedicated to the management of your e-mail accounts.

By using the MAIL MANAGEMENT application you can create new E-mail accounts, Alias, Autoresponders and Manage Mailing Lists.

With the WEB MAIL Tool, however, you can open your e-mail account from any computer with Internet access, allowing you to send and receive e-mails via the web. To check your mail, you need to enter the login and password of your account.

If you activate the ANTIVIRUS & ANTISPAM Tool, you will be able to select the Antivirus and Antispam options through the simple and intuitive control panel.

6th section - Additional Service (section from which you can purchase or manage additional services)





The Additional Service section lists all the additional services that you have activated or can activate with the domain, allowing you to, by clicking the relevant icon, activate, manage and configure the service. If you wish to purchase new services you need to click the Add optional service icon.