Slow speed in opening the pages of the website

The cause is to be found in the use of the resources (images, news etc...) external to the  network of Aruba.
Often, in fact, scripts which view the latest teletext news or weather forecast are used, or which simply take images from other websites: in order to do this the server connects to the remote website.
In most cases this procedure is successful and the website is viewed only with a slight delay; if however the remote website is not available temporarily (for problems with the connection of their server, or if the web server has problems etc...) the server will continue trying to access the remote website until, after 2-3 minutes, the request will expire (
You must absolutely avoid instructions such as:


some of these, like the statistics, counters, etc, may generate unwanted contents on the website which hosts them (unwanted windows, pop-up, iframe, etc). We recommend that you avoid using them.


We strongly advise against the phpnuke module "block-Televideo_Rai_Ultimora.php", as  the teletext website is occasionally slow or unreachable, and such script will continue trying to gain access to the teletext even if it is not available, causing a considerable slowdown of data transfer rate (more than 2-3 minutes) and many errors in the system logs.

Also instructions such as:
<img src="">
can cause some problems.

Before reporting problems of visibility you need to always check that the website is not using  remote resources.