AspEmail: The (Persits) AspEmail component allows you to manage an email message sending through a web page.

AspPdf: The (Persits) AspPdf component allows the users to create "at once" documents on pdf format, through appropriate scripts.  

AspUpload: The (Persits) AspUpload  component allows making the file upload (in the appropiate default folder with the suitable default permissions, therefore in the "public" folder); the component allows showing the feed bar under uploading and advanced options such as the retrieval of attachments from db to enter on e-mail (in connection with the use of the aspemail component).

AspJpg: The (Persits) AspJpg component allows the processing of images, such as the resize, in the same way as the GD libraries for php.  

The indicated components can be used on all the Hosting Windows planes.

For further information, you can look at the examples which are on our Vademecum: