If after entering the database you receive the error: Database Results Error

Database Results Error
The database connection named 'nome_connessione' is undefined.
This problem can occur if:
* the connection has been removed from the web
* the file 'global.asa' is missing or contains errors
* the root folder does not have Scripting permissions enabled
* the web is not marked as an Application Root                          


Database Results Error
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] '(unknown)' is not a valid path. Make sure that the path name is spelled correctly and that you are connected to the server on which the file resides

This error message, intentionally generic, contains however two clear indications:
the first two are plausible and must be checked

* the connection has been removed from the web
* the file 'global.asa' is missing or contains errors

the last two are impossible and refer to server-side settings which are checked automatically: the most frequent error is to believe that such permissions (Scripting permission and Application Root) can be changed through FrontPage® and act accordingly giving to all of the website incorrect permissions, as shown below.
First of all you need to check where the references to the implemented database have been lost and restore them, so that FrontPage® knows where to find the database and how to take out the data again: the reasons for such a loss must be searched always in the unexpected overwriting of the files or even of all the extensions.
When a database is created, as described on http://vademecum.aruba.it/start/fpage_access/index.asp
, or when a database is entered dragging it into the FrontPage® working environment, references to such a database are created, both in the Global.asa and in the files contained in the _fpclass folder which is visible only by operating on the settings of the web opened in FrontPage® through

other than the usual  _vti of system.
If we open the dialog window here above and choose the tab 'database' this is how it will appear, empty or with question marks relevant to connections no longer existent

Click on add

You must wait the necessary time for the verification and for the availability of the OK button to return (this might take some minutes)

By clicking OK the Global.asa is regenerated and also the .inc files contained in the /_fpclass folder: therefore you must wait for the loading and processing of FrontPage® to complete therefore open the page containing the database results area

set the cursor on the yellow line as shown above and double-click (or right mouse / database results features)

the connection to the database is not set, as we have recreated every single file which has any pertinence: the original connection, as you can see from the error, was 'Nuova_pagina_1' while we have recreated and we will select the connection here below

And then click on CONTINUE

save the page containing the database results area and click on Tools / re-elaborate connections, therefore view the file in the browser.