For all the domains activated on Windows Hosting and for the Windows side of the Windows+Linux Hosting, support is provided for GestPay of Banca Sella to enable payments via credit card.

To activate the service, you need to contact Banca Sella directly to get your Customer Code.

Banca Sella will provide some script examples to enable the interface between the website and the bank itself. The examples to be used will be those that use COM objects.

The component found in our Windows Servers is GestPayCrypt and it can also be used with

All the required information can be found in the Easy Nolo portal at:

In this portal, at

you can also find a demo of the BackOffice that will allow you to see how the transactions are managed.


N.B. We remind you that, in order for the component to work correctly, you must, once the service has been activated with Banca Sella, go to the BackOffice Configurazione (Configuration) --> Indirizzi IP (IP addresses) section and enable the IP address which corresponds to the IP address of the server where your domain is hosted.
Also, by accessing the BackOffice, in Configurazione (Configuration)--> Risposte (Response), you can enable two customised url for the result of the transaction. This way, two different pages will be displayed once the transaction has been completed, one for the positive response (transaction was successful) and one for the negative response (transaction failed).

For further information, go to the website of Banca Sella at