The FrontPage 2000, 2002 (XP) and 2003* versions can be used to create and publish domains. Based on a series of configurations of the customer's system it is possible, although with obvious limitations, to use also FrontPage 98.
The versions installed on the servers are version 2000 for the NT and 2000 servers, and version 2002 for the Windows 2003 servers.
The functions found on FrontPage 2002-2003 which use the SharePoint Team Service or other specific 2002-2003 extensions cannot be used: it’s FrontPage itself which indicates this by leaving the abovementioned functions 'in grey' in the relevant menu options.
For the same reasons the options found in FrontPage 2003 client, in View -> Reports -> Usage, are also not available.

* N.B.: the FrontPage application can only be used on Windows Hosting services based on Windows 2003 platform and previous.
FrontPage is not supported and can therefore not be used on domains with Windows Hosting based on Windows 2008 platform.