We advise you to read our guide where the difference between 'creating', 'saving' and 'publishing' through FrontPage is explained in detail.
Here below are some examples of access configuration: the domain taken as an example is www.masterbass.com, hosted on webs4.

Access through FrontPage® 2003 (XP)

Enter the domain without adding any slash at the end: press 'Apri' (Open).
The following login window opens. For more information see our guide

Proceed to access.
The first test you need to perform in order to verify the status of the FrontPage extensions found in your domain, is to create a subweb through a creation wizard:
Open FrontPage® and select


With a double click the login window will appear and you need to click on OK in all the windows  until you complete the process: make sure to write the path exactly as shown.

In case of Windows 98 operating system or previous please follow the instructions which indicates the relevant settings.