The extensions become corrupt because of a partial or total overwriting due to an incorrect publication.
Incorrect publication begins right from the first time you save the files in your hard disk: in fact a series of simple precautions are required in order to maintain a correct version of your site under construction in your hard disk and other procedures to publish it correctly.


The first requirement for a correct publication with FrontPage® is to use FrontPage and nothing else: therefore mixed publications, which are typical on *nix environment or on spaces which are not on Microsoft Windows operating systems with native extensions in the system (contrary to the Aruba servers), are incorrect. Therefore you should avoid publishing in a local folder of your hard disk and transferring the contents through an FTP client such as CuteFtp ™ or Ws_Ftp™, FtpExplorer™ or similar ones.
You need to avoid transferring the contents of a work folder of the hard disk with an FTP client.
In the version on hard disk you need to make sure you apply modifications and additions by saving them in the work folder, and not publish them: you will get a FrontPage alert when saving for example a module, which will ask if you wish to remove the module as FrontPage extensions were not identified on the local PC: reply NO and save the page which contains the module; during publication you should check that the settings are still correct.

To add new files or entire folders which include html pages created with different editors or saved by the web, you need to drag such folders directly on the left hand side of FrontPage, and let FrontPage decide what and how to import: this applies both if you are working offline and online.


You should always publish in HTTP protocol, which is through the File/Publish menu path and enter this path:
Using a subweb guarantees long life to the domain extensions and allows you to make use of the potentials of subdomains, such as create an appropriate folder for databases in every subweb
If you use the FrontPage functions frequently, we suggest that you use a subweb for every application entered in the website: forms, forums (also of third parties) etc: this way any problem is limited and resolved within that subweb.
Furthermore you can make changes to the website directly online, by using the relevant  button found on Internet Explorer™: even in this case once the website has been opened you can import new files and entire folders by dragging them in the FrontPage folder tree.

If they are corrupted, to reset the FrontPage extensions you can go to the Control Panel of your domain and use the provided ‘Restore the initial domain configuration’ tool.
ATTENTION!!! If the reset is not successful, you will need to open a Ticket from the Aruba Support website.