The usual response of a form that’s been configured incorrectly or overwritten as specified for the counter, both offline and online, is

Or also a generic 'Runtime error ……… component...'
We indicate the different steps you can take, considering that the process is the same as that  used for the counter.
the form is found in a purposely created subweb: access through FrontPage® to the main web, right-click on the subweb which holds the form and choose to change into folder by selecting OK in the alert box that follows, then converting it again to subweb; this way we instruct the components on the server to recreate the permissions correctly in the  _private folder in the subweb and its details in the _vti_cnf and _Txt of the main web.
verify directly on the form by right-clicking/form properties that the situation is the following: the file name field must contain a relevant address to an existing file, as shown by the arrows.
In this case press browse and enter the existing file again, then save the page and select tools/recalculate hyperlinks: open the page in the browser and check that the form is working correctly


let’s suppose (common due to hybrid transfers) that in the _private folder there is no text file  on which the form can write but that the 'form properties/ file name' field directs us to a made-up _private/form_result.csv file

then you need to create a file on which the form can write and make sure that FrontPage® notices this by replacing the details of the old files (which are no longer available but still found in the details).
Then go to Folders in the FrontPage® view bar and proceed as shown in the image below by right-clicking on the right side of the application

Name the new page (or new file depending on the FrontPage® version)

by selecting yes you create the dalmodulo01.txt file on which to write using the form, but you must remember to clear the html code automatically generated by FrontPage® found inside: double-click on the file and open the notepad


save the file (FILE/SAVE) and close it.
Return to the form

Save and Recalculate Hyperlinks (exactly in this order).
Check the file in preview, which should work correctly.
Using a subweb for each section of the website makes for easier, faster and more organized management. For more details on how to create a
FormMail using FrontPage, please see our guide.