The most common case of a malfunctioning counter, starts from the so-called webbot of FrontPage which is the incorrect configuration, overwriting through uploading with different tools from FrontPage, overwriting with FrontPage.
The best way to enter a FrontPage counter is by doing it online, once uploading has been completed.
Always indicate the parameters indicated by the arrows and save the page.

We shall try to understand the mechanism with which FrontPage manages the counter. For further information regarding the complete use and personalization of the counter we advise you to consult the pages (FrontPage counters personalization).

Go to the page containing the malfunctioning counter by using Explorer™ and choose

When the login box appears, enter the data and all the site will open on modify.
Right mouse on the counter, choose features and be sure to select the options as in the previous illustration, therefore click on  FILE / SAVE and

TOOLS/ REELABORATE hyper-textual connections (for the versions previous to FrontPageXP®)
and then

(reachable also from Features/Work group/select Exclude this file from the uploading of the Web, for the versions previous to FrontPage ®)
The counter will appear like this:

With these procedures we have allowed FrontPage® to recreate, within its text indexes with which it manages the whole website, the information relevant to the recreated and reconfigured counter: this procedure is carried out by the command ‘re-elaborate hyper-textual connections’ which has provided to recreate the file which manages the counter the references to such a file inside of _vti_txt and _vti_cnf, system folders of your site extensions.

Once recreated the file which is usually absent or relates to another page in case of malfunctioning (note the type of file with a .cnt extension, that is pagename.htm.cnt, therefore a file of this type for every page which contains a counter) we have made sure that it is not overwritten by a subsequent upload, by deselecting the provided account: this feature of 'do not upload' is automatic for the correct creation of the counter and therefore you must restore this status whenever you carry out this type of procedures.