The servers support, other than the usual static pages (htm, html):

  • (3.5/4.0) pages on IIS 7.5
  • ASP: in vbscript or jscript
  • php (enabled .php extension) version 5.2.X, safe_mode off, Dcom and COM disabled – therefore you cannot connect to access db from php using adodb.connection - GD lib, version 2.0.34, active on Windows and Linux Hosting; and ImageMagick active only on Linux Hosting.
  • cgi script written in Perl (for which you do not need to specify the path, you simply need to name the files written in such language as .pl - the .cgi extension is not enabled, the *.exe executable files are not enabled). DBI module present for MySql connection.m, shtml pages, which can use SSI not including the exec guide lines
  • wap including bitmap
  • VBScript version 5.6.7426

Access Database® (.mdb) in format 2000 or more advanced formats is natively supported.
Furthermore the pages can write on text format files such as txt, dat, log, csv and similar ones, by entering in the relevant folders with
special permissions.
Also supported through the MyODBC driver is the connection to MySQL
database, option which can be purchased as an additional service.


New domains are placed on servers with Windows 2008 operating system and Webserver IIS 7.5: such new activations also include version 3.5/4.0 of the .NET framework.
Old customers reside on Windows 2003 servers, /IIS 6, with the beta/2.0 version of the .NET framework.