The default Folders found in the web space are the following:

The special folders are:

cgi-bin: read and execute permissions 
This folder can contain files which need execute permissions, such as cgi (written in Perl) and some Php files. It doesn't have any writing permissions, but the files in the folder can be  reached via browser.


mdb-database: write permissions
This folder must contain the databases: it cannot be reached via browser therefore any  pages put in this folder cannot be reached but, at the same time, the included databases cannot be downloaded.

Public: write and read permissions 
This folder can contain all the files on which you need to write, perform manipulations via script, create on-the-fly files through the supported languages: 
forums, guestbook, counters [to see the guide for creating counters: click on examples and guides in the left menu] and similar ones which use text files to be edited need to be put in this folder, or subfolders, or the writing output needs to be directed to this folder.


App_Data: write permissions
The App_Data folder is, in the framework, the default folder used to position all the data sources: if you wish to use an application (e.g. a forum) for the data storage, you will need to use this folder which has the same configuration as the mdb-database folder (therefore the files in this folder cannot be reached via browser).  


Such special folders will be created both in the web space of the domains in Windows Hosting hosted on Windows 2003 platform, and on domains with Windows Hosting based on 2008 platform.
In both cases the characteristics of the folders will be the same, with the only difference that, if the web space is based on Windows 2008 platform, in each folder web.config files will be created.
Deleting or editing these files may cause the folders to not work correctly. 

N.B. The App_Data folder does NOT indicate that is possible to upload MDF files (or rather  SQL Server files) in the web space.

The App_Data folder can be used for all others devices (mdb, xml, text files etc).  

All the special folders allow the inheritance of the permissions to any subfolders created via ftp or frontpage.


For those with Windows Hosting service based on Windows 2003 and previous platforms, the following folders will also be created automatically in the web space: _private folders and folders starting with _vti_, part of the Front page extensions and which need to be managed only through Front Page itself.

N.B.: the Front Page application is not supported and cannot therefore be used on Windows Hosting services based on Windows 2008 platform.