• GDlib Libraries: You can activate these libraries both on Windows Hosting and on Linux Hosting.
    The GDlib libraries cannot be activated on domains which reside on web176 machines.
    To find out where your domain is located use the provided guide
  • ImageMagick Libraries: Are native in *nix environment  and are therefore only found on Linux Hosting. They cannot be activated on Windows Hosting to avoid damaging the performance of the servers: in this environment in fact there are no graphic libraries.
    If you would like to have such libraries, you can change your service (from the change service section of the hosting.aruba.it website), from Windows Hosting to Windows+Linux Hosting or from Windows Hosting to Linux Hosting: this way you can  use the native Linux environment.

    N.B. If you are switching from Windows Hosting to Linux Hosting, the new web space will be activated as soon as the payment has been received; the old service will be  disconnected and the content cancelled.

    IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to automatically move the content of the website from  the old web space to the new one. Therefore, before you change the service you need to make a backup copy of the material.