How to access and what you can do with the Permissions Manager service

Access through Control Panel
To access the service, you must enter your Login and password related to your domain, in the Control Panel  found at .

Then, from the Windows Area menu click the relevant icon

You will reach the New Tool to manage files and folders and change their permissions.

Through this you can access the following menus:

• File Manager – From this section you can manage the web space of your website:
Create, change and delete folders and files; set and change the relevant read/execute and write permissions;

• File Manager Permission Backup: From this section you can create a backup file, in which the permissions, which are assigned to the files and folders, will be saved. 
The file, named Permission.config, will be saved in the Root of the domain and will be available in the File Manager menu.

Attention!!! The backup file only saves the permissions assigned to the files and folders, therefore, if a folder or a file is deleted, it will not be restored by restoring the Permission.config file.

• Restore Permissions: From this section you can restore the permissions saved in the special  backup file named “Permission.config” created from the menu titled “File Manager Permission Backup”.

• View Logs: From this section you can view the LOGS of the operations requested through the  file manager and their status.

• Logout: Allows you to exit the application.