Using the menu Create permission Backup you can create a backup file of the permissions assigned to files and folders.

The file, named Permission.config, will be saved in the main "Root” folder and will be available to be restored, in the File Manager menu.

To generate it you must access the menu Create permission backup and click on Create/Overwrite.

The permissions saved in the Permission.config file will be those that are configured when the backup file is generated.
Should you want to update the file, you just have to click ”Create/Overwrite” to overwrite the previous file.
If you wish to create multiple backup files, you must rename the Permission.config file (for example  Permission1.config etc) and generate a new one.
In the event that you wish to restore one or more files, you will need to rename “Permission.config” the file to be restored, so that the system can find it in order to restore it.

Attention!!!  The backup file only saves the permissions assigned to files and folders, therefore, if a folder or a file is deleted, it will not be restored with the execution of the Permission.config file.

Important! If you wish, you can download the file locally and set/add the permissions to files and folders manually by respecting the XML code of the backup file.
In the event you wish to Restore the backup file, the file must be named Permission.config and  re-entered saved in the Root of the File manager menu.

If the file has been changed and the XML code has not been respected, it will not be possible to perform the Restore.  In this case it is necessary to verify the data entered in the file and correct it, otherwise you will need to create a new backup (or overwrite the damaged one) with the permissions set during the new creation process.