From the Restore permissions section you can restore the permissions saved in the appropriate "Permission.config" backup file created through the menu titled "File Manager Permission Backup ".
To start the process, if you already have the Permission.config, you simply need to click validate, and then the Process button to restore the saved permissions.

N.B. If the "Permission.config" file has been renamed or moved, or multiple copies have been created, you must name "Permission.config" the file that you wish to restore and enter it in the main folder of the website (Root), so that you can validate and process the file.
If the file has been changed, and the system detects errors in the file itself, it will not be possible to perform the Restore. In this case it is necessary to verify the data entered in the file and correct it, otherwise you will need to create a new backup (or overwrite the damaged one) with the permissions set during the new creation process.