By using the provided Scheduled Tasks Manager Control Panel, you can create and schedule a new Task:

Interval: is the interval you can select to schedule the Task:
o Every 30 minutes
o Every Hour
o Every 3 Hours  
o Every 6 Hours
o Every 12 Hours
o Every Day
(the task will start at midnight every day) *
o Every Week (the task will start at midnight every Sunday) *
o Every Month (the task will start every 1st day of the month) *

* By selecting one of these three options it is not possible to choose the time that will always be 00:00 both for the start and end of the task. The start date and end date can be selected.

The Task Start Date and End Date represent the period in which the Scheduled Task is performed and repeated depending on the interval time that is set. The start and end time can be selected from the dropdown menu, by choosing the 00 or 30 minute for the start and repeat of the schedule.

The Task end date must come after the start date, and once you have reached the ‘End’ time, the Task will not be repeated any more, resulting as expired (shown in the list as "The Task Is Over").

Try URL Invocation: This button allows you to verify the existence of the Url and check if the path that was previously entered is correct, directly opening the page.

If the scheduled page is placed in a protected area of the website, you can indicate its Username and Password in the provided spaces, in order to allow the schedule to work correctly.