Last Result: The Task is not executed yet.
Edit: Allows you to change the settings of the Task and disenable the schedule without deleting it, in order to re-enable it maybe later.
Enabled: If the flag is green it means that the Task is active.
Delete: Allows you to delete the Task, and consequently deleting the operations.
In the image below, is an example of the result of a Task execution.

Last Result: Success --> The start of the Task has not presented any system errors.
Last Run: Indicates the last time that the schedule was performed.
Next Run: Indicates when the schedule will begin next, if included in the settings of the Task.
View Log: Shows the logs of any system errors in the execution of a Task (missing scheduled web page, error 404, error 500, etc… are not included in this LOG file).
Delete Log: Deletes the existing logs.

Last Result: Success The Task is over --> You have reached the end date, therefore the Task is ‘expired’.