Obligatory permissions to be assigned to files and folders on Linux Space

All the users who have got a domain with Hosting Linux space, will have the possibility to self manage the permissions to assign to files and folders  which are in the web space.
Actually, you will simply need to access by FTP to your web space and therefore check, modify and assign the permissions using the CHMOD command (change the access mode of a file).
Generally, the permissions you prefer can be assigned to files and folders which are in the web space, however, on Aruba Hosting Server, some restrictions must be respected, arising from the management and machine configuration:

All the directories present in the web space, which contain the .php file, must have 755 permissions.

All the .php, .cgi and .pl files must have 755 permissions.

ATTENTION: Even if the php file needs 777 permissions, however you must set on these files 755 permissions, because, in any case, 755 permissions are considered the same as 777 on Aruba Server.

All the other files, different from .php, .cgi, .pl, can have in any case 644, 666 or 755 permissions.
For further information and details about files and folders upload inside the web space and about the procedure which must be carried out to assign the permissions, it is available the proper video guide at the address: http://vademecum.aruba.it/start/linux/fileperl.htm.