On hosting Linux you can benefit from the opportunities offered by the .htaccess file. With a few lines of code inside this file you can make the most of some functions purposely activated on the Aruba servers: regarding this you will see
management of the customized errors, or rather 404 customized and similar ones (ErrorDocument)
- change and personalization of mime, or rather how to create a customized file extension (AddType)
- automatically redirect according to the browser (RewriteEngine)
- create restricted areas in your own space (AuthUser)
- visualize the directory contents in a textual and graphic way (Listing)

**Specifics: with the .htaccess files you have access to directives belonging to the
groups in the "listing" directory (to be created) you also have to access to the Indexes group

You can find the list of the directives which belong to this group at this address