The Linux Application Installer service is supplied for free to all those who buy a domain from Aruba with Linux or Linux+Windows Hosting and represents the best way to have the most common applications, offering the possibility of installing, removing and managing them easily through the control panel.

The following applications are included:

Joomla: is a content management CMS for Websites, completely built in PHP language. It is distributed under an open source license. It has an administration interface with which the administrator can manage each aspect of the website, without needing to posses any technical skills.

Drupal: is a modular CMS written in PHP language and distributed under the GNU GPL licence. Drupal like many modern Cms, offers an administration interface with which you can manage every aspect of the website, without needing to posses any technical skills.

WordPress: is a “personal publishing” platform, built in PHP. It allows you to create personal, public or private blogs. Created by Matt Mullenweg, it is currently distributed under the GNU General Public License.

OS Commerce: is an ecommerce application that allows you to create a shop online. It includes shopping basket features that allow you to configure, activate and manage e-shops with the least effort possible and no limitations.

Coppermine: ideal for managing entire image galleries in a practical and easy way. The images are catalogued in albums which are then organised in categories and subcategories. The albums can be created and managed by different types of users: administrators, registered users or non-registered users, depending on the settings and the chosen restrictions. It has many functions such as the automatic generation of miniatures and the creation of slide shows. Essential features are the Multilanguage support and the possibility to create customised topics for your pages.

Sugar Crm: is an Open Source Software which is useful to manage the information that a company generates when dealing with its customers or potential customers. It is an extremely flexible application, designed for medium businesses, that operates through the normal program which is used to browse the net. Designed for easy application, the product allows you to fully manage the following:

• The details, the contacts and potential customers
• The company sales force
• The marketing campaigns, including the ones via e-mail through a specific module
• The support tickets and the company knowledge base
• The registration of routine activities, like calls, jobs, appointments, documents etc
• Company projects and work groups

PhpBB (PHP Bulletin Board): it is one of the most popular management systems for forums written in PHP language. Some strong points of the software are:

• A management system with graphics that allow an easy customization.
• Multilanguage support: 70 translations are in fact available in the 2007 version, which makes it one of the most translated forums.
• Vast user communities (in every language) and many websites that offer support and material for customization.

To be able to use applications it is necessary to have a MySQL Database.