Through the Control Panel the customer can install, manage and check the status of each application.

For each application the following parameters are indicated:

•    Default: indicates if the application has been set as the main application.
•    Active : indicates if the application is active
•    Status : status of the application

The field labelled “Operations” shows the operations that can be carried out on the applications
•    DELETE ----   allows you to delete the application completely from the web space and delete the tables created in the database. Before you confirm such operation you can check the flag to avoid the cancellation of the Data Base content.

•    ACTIVATE / DEACTIVATE --- this function allows you to Activate and Deactivate the application to enable or disable the use via browser
•    DEFAULT --- allows you to set an application as a main application

With the Control Panel you can also view the chronology and the type of operations that have been carried out with their result