Purchasing the double hosting service Windows & Linux, Aruba provides two different and separate spaces, hosted one on Windows platform and reachable via browser with http//win.domainname.xxx and the other on Linux platform reachable via browser with http//lnx.domainname.xxx .

Through the Control Panel available at http://admin.aruba.it you can choose the www pointing, or rather you can select if the space, which will be reached by typing the address http://www.yourdomainname.com, will be the one hosted on Windows platform or the one hosted on Linux platform.

The two web spaces (Windows & Linux) provided with this service can be used at the same time, that is, some connections (or Link) can be created between pages which are on Windows to those which are on Linux*, and vice versa, without involving malfunctioning to the same site. That way, suitable languages and applications for both the platform can be used, overcoming each ‘restrictions’: this is one of the main advantages of the activation of the double platform.

ATTENTION!!! The use of one of the two spaces DOES NOT involve the deactivation of the other.

* the links must point to the url http//win.domainname.xxx or to http//lnx.domainname.xxx  .