It is possible to renew a Mysql database starting from 90 days before the expiry date.
The renewal can be made from:

30 days before the expiry date you will receive email notices to your contact email address to remind you that if the service is not renewed the database and its content will be suspended and then cancelled.

You can order the service renewal from the Additional Service section of the website, taking care not to place a new order: the expiry date will only be updated once the payment has been processed.

If the renewal is not completed within the expiry date, the writing permissions will be removed from the database.

If, after
15 days from the expiry date, the renewal is still waiting for payment, the reading permissions will also be removed and then it will no longer be possible to recuperate backup copies of local data from the server, even if the data is still present in the server and will be available if the renewal is successful.

Once another 25 days have passed, the
database will be permanently cancelled and it will no longer be possible to recuperate its content.

Therefore the MySql can be renewed
up to 40 days after the expiry date.