The MS Sql Server service can only be used by those who have a domain in Hosting with Aruba on Windows server, or an Dedicated Server.
The interaction is only possible with Asp and technology, not PHP.

DBO access is not permitted to the items found in the database, as the owner is only the user  assigned by Aruba (MSSql*****).

It is not possible to use schemas other than the default one (MSSql*****) and therefore it is not possible to create additional ones.

N.B: Database activated after the 2nd November 2011 (from server onwards)may also use the DBO user/schema.

The (unchangeable) permissions attributed to the schema by default to which the user must refer to are:

•    Connect
•    Create function
•    Create procedure
•    Create table
•    Create views
•    Create type

The creation of triggers is not supported.

For those who use a database with 2008 R2 version it is possible to restore *.BAK files, executed with the same version on the local PC.