Aruba Nuke DataBase Backup: how to request it

On the Control Panel found at there is a tool that allows those who have Aruba Nuke to request the Backup of the DataBase simply by using the relevant ‘Backup Nuke DataBase’ button.

Click on the ‘Proceed’ button.



The request will be placed in the processing queue, after which the BackUp file will be generated.



ATTENTION!! We remind you that the passwords of the registered users, will be hidden, considered as sensitive data.


Here below are the Steps to request the Backup.


The request is received:







Backup is confirmed:






This page will be displayed if a new Backup is requested.
The system informs you that there is an existing file generated on the specified date that will be overwritten by the new Backup.






When the BackUp is completed the copy will be available in the website nuke.nomedominio.xx, in the File Manager section, in the Backup_Database folder.
Once you have found the file, we suggest that you remove it from the folder, as this section can be accessed by all the administrative users.
The file will be overwritten by a new one automatically when a new Backup is requested.




The file however cannot be downloaded via http and can only be accessed by the administrator of the Aruba Nuke portal.