The Administrator tools bar contains the following functions:

Tools for the Page Management (Add, Settings, Delete, Copy and Preview)
Module for the Tool Insertion (Add New Module and Add Existing Module)
Tools for the Site Management (Wizard, Site, Users, Files, and Help). 
This bar is the Site Control Panel

Tools for the Page Management
These tools permit the site administration allowing an authorized user to Add, Settings, Delete, Copy and Preview the pages.

Tools for the modules insertion
The content administration consists of two main parts, Pages and Modules. After adding a page to the portal, it is necessary to add the content. This is made by adding some Modules to the page. These tools allow the insertion of new or existing modules, to set their visibility, the title, the alignment etc.

Common Functions
The Tools for the Site Management allow the administrator to access quickly to the Wizard Setup, to the Site Settings, to the Users, to the Files and to Help with a simple click.