This tool bar allows the administrator to Add, Settings, Delete, Copy and Preview the pages.


Add a New Page

Allows to add a new page to the site, simply by clicking on the icon  Add.

Copy a Page

Allows the administrator to copy an existing page and to save it as a new page, by clicking the Copy  button: therefore starting the process which allows the reproduction of a page in the site (by default for the visualized page).


Allows cancelling the current page, by clicking the Delete   button : the process which allows the cancellation of the visualized page will begin. By confirming the deletion the page will be removed and located in the Recycle Bin.


Allows the administrator to modify the setting of the current page, by clicking the Settings  button: the process which allows the modification of the settings of the pages visualized in the portal will begin.


Allows the visualization of the current page in Preview: by clicking the Preview  button the visualized page will open without showing the administrator tools (including all the module controls).

When the Page Preview function is active, the icon changes to show that the preview is enabled . By clicking on Preview a second time the page will be taken back to the standard modality.