Meaning of the icons of the general procedures found in the administrator area

When logged in as an administrator, the following icons, which allow you to perform the general procedures, will appear:


By clicking the icon , the process, which allows configuring the site settings guided step by step by a wizard, will begin.

The Back button allows the administrator to come back.
The Next button allows going.
The End button allows completing the procedure.
The Delete button allows the administrator to go out from the setup without introducing any modification to the site.
The Help button authorizes the visualization of the instructions for each step of the  configuration

By clicking the Site icon  you will access the control panel of the general settings, from which it will be possible for you to customize the portal.

By clicking the Users icon  the administrator will be able to create new users and to manage the existent accounts.

By clicking the Files icon it will be possible for you to start the procedures which allow the site uploading.

The Help  button is linked to the Knowledge Base so you can consult the guide for the use of Aruba Nuke at any time.