After logging in as the administrator from the Aruba Nuke Control Panel, you will find the site creation Wizard, with which you can choose the design aspects for your portal.
To use the site creation Wizard select "Site Wizard" from the "Admin" dropdown menu.


The initial page of the Site Wizard will open, with information on the program.



Click on “Next” to begin the configuration process of your portal:

1)  First Step: Choose a Template for your Site.


In this page you can choose to create your website by using a “website template”. A Website template can be described as a “ready to use” website therefore a pre-set website with an existing page structure, which can be changed without any restrictions.
To choose the options, select the ‘Build your site from a template’ box, and then choose one of the options from the List Box: 

  • Club or Organization: Your website will be built including the following pages: Home Page, Events, Photo Gallery, Discussions, Contacts, Guest Book
  • DotNetnuke: Default template of Aruba Nuke, without any preset pages, to be used at the user’s discretion.
  • Portal: Default template with just the Home Page
  • Company Site: The website will be built including the following pages: Home Page, Introduction, Products and Services, Contacts, Guest Book
  • Personal Site: The website will be built including the following pages: Home Page, Blog, Photo Gallery, Resume, Guest Book.

N.B. if you do this after you have created the website with nuke, therefore with existing pages and modules, select from:

  • Ignore: the existing pages will be ignored and the pages provided with the selected template will be added to the website.
  • Replace: all the pages, modules etc previously created will be cancelled and the pages provided with the selected template will be added.
  • Merge: if the pages of the template are already found in the website (already created) this function will implement the existing pages with the modules of the template, and the non-existing ones will be added.

2.) Second Step: Select a Skin for your Website. 


The Skin is basically the design of the website.
From this page
, in fact, you can select the skin you would like to apply to your portal thanks to a vast range of models.
By scrolling down the side bar, you can view the choice of skins, and by clicking directly on the images you can enlarge them and see a preview.

Then select the skin you prefer by ticking the box next to the name.
Once you have selected a Skin, click on Next to go to the next page.
If however you wish to go back to the previous page to change the template, click on  Previous.

3.) Third Step: Choose a container for your Website. 


The containers are the sections of the website in which the created modules are placed, basically they are design frames or containers.
Some Skins have by default matching containers which will be displayed in this page.
If there are no containers, or you don’t like those that are displayed, tick the “Show All  Containers” option to see all the containers available with Aruba Nuke.

To see a preview and look at the containers in detail, click on the image of your choice; once  you have chosen an image, you can use it for your website, by ticking the relevant box next to the name.

Click on Next to go to the next step.

4.) Fourth Step: Details of the Website 


In this page you can enter information relevant to the website that will be used by search engines if you wish to submit it:

  • In the Name/Title field, enter the name or title of the portal. This will display the title of the page in the browsers of the visitors.
  • In the Description field, enter the description of the website. This will be the description which the search engines will display to internet users.
  • In the KeyWords field, enter the Key Words based on which the website will be listed in the results of the search engines, should you submit it.  
  • In "Logo" you can enter an image (logo) relevant to your website.
    To enter an image you need to:
    - Click on Upload New File
    - Select the file by using the browse button,
    - Confirm upload by clicking on Upload Selected File
    and then on Finish to confirm your selection.
    If the file that you wish to use has already been entered, you just need to select it from the drop-down list and confirm it by clicking on Finish.

Click on Finish to close and save the configurations.